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How To Promote A Music Band On Instagram

Instagram is one platform that gives you the opportunity to make money and promote businesses of different sizes. The best thing about Instagram is that it is cost-effective and very easy to use. This makes it suitable for young brands who are looking to gain recognition and expand. If you have a music band, you probably know that an online presence is crucial for showcasing your work and expanding your audience base. Instagram can be a great asset when promoting your band. Here's how to make it work for you.

1. Post for a Reason

While you may want to post regularly, don't just post because you feel the need to. If your content will not add value to your audience, don't post it. Every post represents you as a brand and as an individual. So give careful thought to whatever you want to upload whether it is promoting a new project, an upcoming gig, or showing off a previous work that you really like.

2. Spice Up Your Profile

Instagram users are impatient and they often draw their conclusion based on your profile. So ensure that your profile is not lackluster and flat. Use attractive photos and make sure you change your profile picture from time to time. Give your audience something new to feed their eyes with. Before you post a photo, apply filters to enhance it. Your profile should always reflect you as an artist.

3. Cross-Post to Your Other Social Media Account

While you can choose to cross-post your Instagram content, it is important that you do not make it a habit. Telling the same story all the time across all your social channels will quickly bore your fans who follow you on all platforms. They may eventually unfollow you on some social networks. That being said, it is OK to cross-post once in a while especially when you drop a new sound. Let your followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter know that you have something new to offer. Cross-platform promotion allows you to reach more people within a short time.

4. Interact with Your Followers

If you are trying to build an online presence and promote your brand, you need to socialize. It is important that you engage with your followers by replying to their comments and questions. Without your fans, you will not have an online community. So show them that you appreciate their efforts. To boost engagement, you can ask a question that is related to your caption on a new post. Socializing on Instagram helps you to maintain and gain new followers.

5. Timing is Key

You need to decide how many times a week you will post content and when you will do so. To make the right decision, you need to think about your target audience. On what days of the week and at what time are these people most active? Where are they located? Who are they and what kind of content do they like? You can use analytics to find answers to these questions if you use a business account on Instagram. Once you know when your fans engage with your posts, draw up a schedule and stick to it. It is pertinent that you update your fans on the lastest in your career in order to keep them engaged.

6. Use Hashtags

The importance of Hashtags on Instagram can not be overemphasized. Use at least five Hashtags when you post a photo but make sure that they are relevant to your post. If you create your own unique hashtag, ensure you use it as often as you can and encourage your followers to use it too. The more your hashtag is used, the more visibility your brand gains.

7. Use Storytelling Captions

When you post a photo, you need to add a caption that tells a story. Tell your fans what's going on in your photo. If it's a day on tour, behind the scenes of a stage performance, or a photoshoot, tell them the event. Your fans will connect with you a deeper level when you tell them what's going on in your life.

8. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram users love videos and this is what Instagram Stories allow you to do. You can make short videos or post simple photos on your Story to promote your brand and allow your followers to get a glimpse into your world. A little humor can make your videos more interesting and fun to watch.

There you have it! Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing application, it is a valuable marketing tool for brands and a promotional platform for music bands. If you do not have the kind of following you want yet, you can buy real Instagram followers to lend credibility to your brand and attract other users.

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Special Arrangements, Stinson, and European Tune Library
(Coded to play on most 75 note Stinson Band Organs)

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