April 2001

Remembering Chuck Clymer

The Man Behind The Scenes

A few weeks ago, arrangements were made with a Mr. Chuck Clymer to recollect interesting stories to pass on to you about the good old days on the Gooding Amusement Company. Due to my extremely time consuming involvements in preparation for exhibiting at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Trade Show and Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in November, and the International Independent Showmen's Association Trade Show and Extravaganza in Gibsonton, Florida in February, it became necessary to delay meeting with Chuck until I returned.

Chuck was the head of maintenance for the Gooding Amusement Company, and it was through his unending hard work and devoted leadership that the show's rides and equipment were carefully maintained. The show was always ready to move over the road and operate flawlessly when it reached its next destination. At most times, when one visits a county and state fair, and admires beautiful and well-maintained equipment, one does not get the opportunity to see or visit the unseen artist behind it all. Mr. Clymer was one of those men.

Upon returning to my home from the February trade show in Florida I immediately attempted to contact Chuck only to find his phone disconnected. During a following weekend, my wife and I drove some sixty miles to Chuck's home in Columbus to be greeted by his next-door neighbor, and receive the depressing news that my friend Chuck Clymer had passed away while I was out of town. Chuck was a long time friend, and a real gentleman, who I will miss deeply along with many other devoted showmen who worked for the Gooding Company.

Chuck related many interesting stories to me during past years that I shall pass on to you at a later time along with a few additional fascinating stories told to me by one of today's interesting managers of a large traveling show. Until a later time, my thoughts shall rest with my friend, Chuck Clymer...

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