July-August 2003

Camping Trip

Back in the days when working a full time job, and repairing organs and pianos after hours, a call was received to do some non-essential work on a Wurlitzer organ. It was in the springtime, and we had scheduled a weekend camping trip with our friends in our camping club. The weather forecast was good and everything fell in place for a few wonderful days at the campground. This was one time the organ repair had to wait and we were off to the campground.

There were about ten travel trailers in a row along a small stream with ours located in the center of the line. Our area became the center of attention, and the campfire and chairs were at our trailer. It was peaceful, and the stream had about a dozen ducks swimming around. That is where I should have been more attentive.

We had a fun-loving member in the club that we nicknamed AGITATOR. He was always pulling stunts on everyone, including me. We had an old army cot with very short legs and I decided to just lie around and enjoy the time off. After some time, the nice weather and surroundings must have put me to sleep. This was the opportunity the agitator was looking for and he made full use of his talents. Somewhere, he found two ears of corn and started by sprinkling plenty of it on my chest while I was sleeping. From there he left a trail of corn over to the stream and started feeding the ducks.

The whole camping club members sat around and watched the ducks follow the corn eating it along the way. They finally reached my person and I was awakened when about four ducks were pecking on my chest eating the corn. Believe me, when you are suddenly awakened by ducks standing on you, and pecking corn off your chest, you only take about one second to jump up and try to see what happened. At that time, I looked around to see the complete membership laughing at me, and those ducks. Looking back, I wonder if I might have been better off working on the organ.

And, so it goes at the old organ shop.

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