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Don Stinson's Band Organ Notes
Stinson Band Organ notes are authored by band organ architect and builder Mr. Donald Stinson. Stories includes experiences, past and present, encountered during design and repair of mechanical band organs, along with Don's unique experiences during his early days with the New York Central Railroad.

A few days back I was around some members of the younger generation, and they wereplaying some very loud music on a big thing with too many speakers. It reminded me of atrip I made out to service a large 89-key organ.

I was told before starting out that the organ just did not sound quite right and theywere wanting me to see if I could correct the problem.  After driving 150 miles, Ientered the location only to be met by the show electrician who was very upset with themusic and informed me the problem was the type music that came with the organ when it waspurchased.

We walked up to the organ and he punched the start button only to be greeted with noisewhich closely resembled what I was hearing at the young people’s location.  Theelectrician looked at me and said, I never did like the sound of that German music!"

He had the organ book going in upside down and backwards. At this time, I came to therapid conclusion that he might not be very musically indoctrinated and put the music incorrectly and once again started the organ. After hearing it in the correct form, hedecided he did like that German music after all.

When I went to the office to collect my fee for the trip, I just told the owner theproblem was corrected and never told him what was wrong. The electrician appreciated theway I handled it and saved him many problems with the owner. The next time I came to thesame location to service the same organ, I came to the conclusion I might have made thewrong move.

There were no motel rooms within any miles, and the owner told me this same electricianhad an extra bunk in his trailer, and I could sleep there for the night.  Whenretiring for the evening, I found the smallest trailer I have ever seen and there was justenough room for a single bunk on each side of the door.  I think the sheets must havebeen delivered with the trailer many years before, and only washed two or three times. Therest of the fixtures were about the same.

It reminded me of an old man at the railroad who never washed and there was a rumoraround that he had to throw a load of cinders in the bed when the grease got too thick tokeep from sliding out onto the floor!  Well, I survived the night but never stayedthere again.  He really was quite a good electrician, and I could never have repeatedthis story while he was still alive.

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