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Don Stinson's Band Organ Notes
Stinson Band Organ notes are authored by band organ architect and builder Mr. Donald Stinson. Stories includes experiences, past and present, encountered during design and repair of mechanical band organs, along with Don's unique experiences during his early days with the New York Central Railroad.

As time comes around to write our column things are going ata fast pace as we are in the final stages of preparations for the IAAPA Show inAtlanta Georgia.

This year we have a very large display area and are featuringnew products which include the new generation 2000 organs and our new high techsound system with a special organ facade for those locations where an organwould be desirable but absolute control of the volume is a must. This unit alsohas built in public address system for making the safety announcements at thecarousel and is the perfect answer for those who can not use an organ but stillwant the sound and appearance of the real instrument

All of the organs displayed will be MIDI controlled andcomplete information will soon be available on our web

Last week I was again at the Tepetongo Park in Mexico tofinish the updates and repairs on the model 87 Stinson organ. It was a greattrip and I will also feature a photo of their organ on the web site.

Now I do not think of myself as an old antique man but I wasreminded while there that I might be a little like the old gray mare where thesong states (She ainít what she used to be.)

A Mexican man in full cowboy dress was renting riding horsesand I decided to have my picture taken on one of them. I put my

foot in the stirrup and found I had to have my guide help myother leg over the rest of the horse. I might not be what I used to be but atleast the horse didnít laugh at me. I think a carousel horse is better suitedfor me in the future.

We have a new brochure now and would be happy to send oneout. Just Email, call or fax us to get your copy.

And so it was in the old organ Shop.

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