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Don Stinson's Band Organ Notes
Stinson Band Organ notes are authored by band organ architect and builder Mr. Donald Stinson. Stories includes experiences, past and present, encountered during design and repair of mechanical band organs, along with Don's unique experiences during his early days with the New York Central Railroad.

As I write this story the Christmas season is upon us and Imight add this is my favorite time of the year.

I usually close the factory down for at least one week andsometimes two and try to rest up from the many activities of the past year andset the agenda for the future year.

It has been a good year and we have just returned from thelarge trade show in Atlanta where people from all over the world attend to findnew things to purchase for amusement parks, carnivals and other attractions.

This year we were very fortunate to have Steve and TomThebault of Astro Amusements bring their new organ into the show for display

Along with the Astro organ were two smaller organs and ournew sound system built behind a small organ fašade. All Stinson organs at the show were midi controlled and we have submittedthe photo of our display.

We also wish to take this time to say thank you to many ofyou readers that visited our booth.

Our web site will be changed inthe future to include changes in production and newer models not currentlyshown.

This year will also start our new stories on the GoodingAmusement Company which I will write with the help from Chuck Clymer who was themaintenance foreman and has many very interesting stories to relate about theshow and people involved.

He was a close friend to Floyd Gooding and can give us manyinsights about the man and his show.

When Floyd Gooding was living and running the show he was always on top of the daily operationsand knew how to solve the many problems connected with the business.

One time in particular Jerry Betts was in Mr. Gooding's officetalking about organs and related the following story.

Mr. Gooding was waiting for some newspapermen who were comingin to do a story and he was sitting behind his desk dressed in a suit coat andtie.

About that time one of his supervisors came into his officeand told of a problem in the shop.

Jerry told me Mr. Gooding said he would take care of it andwhen he stood up from his desk he had work clothes on and one monster key ringon his belt. The suit coat and tie was just for the visit from the press and thework clothes underneath were for running the show.

On another occasion a friend of mine who at one time workedfor Gooding told me they were delivering a generator to a show somewhere inmountain country when the unit came loose and went over the side and ended upfar below the roadway.

The knew they had to call the show and report the damage andget new instructions from the boss.

Following the tradition that no matter what difficulties wereencountered (the show must go on) he simply told them to come back, pick up anew generator and get the show running. We will worry about the generator later.

And so it was at the old organ shop.

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