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Don Stinson's Band Organ Notes
Stinson Band Organ notes are authored by band organ architect and builder Mr. Donald Stinson. Stories includes experiences, past and present, encountered during design and repair of mechanical band organs, along with Don's unique experiences during his early days with the New York Central Railroad.

We just had a truck here and loaded up an organ to go to anamusement park. They came with a power tailgate and two men in addition to threeof us that were here at the time.

Watching this organ being loaded brought my mind back to someearlier times when the old Gooding amusement Company was still in business withChuck Clymer at the head of maintenance. After Mr. Heller left the company I wasasked to do some of the organ repairs but the company failed a short time afterthe new management came in and about all they had time and money for wasemergency repairs.

I remember one time when the new management told Chuck Clymerto call me just before closing time to come over the next morning and get themodel 38 Ruth organ ready to record as the recording company would be there atten the next morning. Now the organ had been in a bad state of decline since Mr.Heller departed and no tuning or maintenance work had been done since that time.

Mr. Clymer and I both knew that not much could be done forthe organ in the short time we had remaining but we managed to get the bellsand registers working with some fast repairs. The trumpets were out of tune andone in particular was buzzing very badly but could not be reached withoutremoving the facade.

The recording company came and did the recording and much tomy dismay put my name on the cover of the record jacket. It was a fine organ andI would have been honored to have my name there if I could have had about threemonths to bring it back to proper playing condition.

If any of you readers have any of the old records stillaround and are wondering why the organ was recorded in that condition you nowhave "the rest of the story." I am very happy to let you readers know that theorgan is now in the hands of a collector who had the organ and facade completelyrestored by top notch professionals and is once again the fine organ it waswhen I first heard it at the old Columbus zoo park.

Mr. Clymer would send an organ in for repairs when needed andinstead of three or four men and a power tailgate he would just have one man whousually had his wife with him.

Oscar Meyers would come in and when we would ask if he neededhelp he said he could handle it himself. He had one of the Gooding trucks, whichhe always seemed to be using when I observed him, and I think it might have beenassigned to him but no one knows for sure about that. He would back up to ourdoor, drop out his special ramp and hook the organ to his little chain hoist andhand crank it up and in the truck while talking to me or my employees.

He never seemed to put out much effort and always completedthe loading and un­loading with no help. He operated on the same principal asmy first cabinetmaker that we will mention in future articles.


And so it was in the old organ shop.

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