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Organ music promotion features on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a great platform for those of us that create music and want to bring in as much exposure as possible. It wonít be easy to get more people listening to your stuff organically. But there are some ways to make your promotion better.

Use a promotion service

SocialBoss provides you with a great way to promote your music and content everywhere in the world. If you find it hard to promote your music yourself, you do need to give SoundCloud a shot. It helps quite a bit and it brings in front a rewarding and exciting set of opportunities. You will appreciate the great value and quality provided here, and the results will indeed shine.

Create a website and social media pages

The reason is simple, you want to promote your SoundCloud music anywhere you can. Having an online presence outside SoundCloud is a good idea, and you do want to share the SoundCloud links in there. It definitely works, and people will find it easy to share your music too. So itís a win-win situation either way.

Facebook groups

You can also try to find Facebook groups focused on your type of music. Join them, let them know you are a music creator and share your music there. Itís never easy to try and promote your music on your own, so finding fans that like that type of song already is a good option.

Release your tracks on Sunday

This is important because people are free on Sundays and thatís when SoundCloud tends to have the best exposure and highest number of visitors. So that means itís the perfect time to release new stuff and potentially get featured online.

Repost tracks

Reposting tracks is not against the rules. Instead, it allows you to focus on getting even more exposure and a potential feature on the page. If you can offer a download of your music, do that too. People love free music and the fact that they can download your stuff is really handy. Make it simple, convenient and show them you really care.

Collaborate with others

Organ music is always a bit tricky to promote on your own. But when you collaborate with others you will have more exposure. Thatís why it makes sense to not try and promote yourself all the time. Working with others is actually a very good idea and it has the potential to bring in front some extraordinary results. Try to be consistent, work with others and you will be just fine.

Even if organic music promotion on SoundCloud is tricky, you should use all the ideas above. The more you try to promote yourself, the better it will be. Even if itís somewhat tricky to do this at times, it is a very important aspect to consider so try to keep it in mind. You will be more than happy with the results in the end. So yes, use these great tips and the results will be really good.

Wm165 Library - MIDI Files
Wurlitzer 165, BAB, TRT and Other Tunes

Ws165 Library - MIDI Files
Special Arrangements, Stinson, and European Tune Library
(Coded to play on most 75 note Stinson Band Organs)

Ws165 Library - Paper Music Rolls
Special Arrangements, Stinson, and European Tune Library
(Coded to play on most 75 note Stinson Band Organs)

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