February 21, 2001 Bellefontaine, Ohio

Stinson Band Organ Company Brings Rebirth
to Magnificent Mechanical Band Organs

Stinson's Midi Operating System Replaces
Obsolete Paper Roll And Book Operation

The Stinson Band Organ Company recently introduced new life into yesteryear's magnificent mechanical band organ designs with the implementation of Stinson's state of the art Midi (musical instrument digital interface) operating system. Stinson's Midi system actuates mechanisms that control a band organ's live musical instruments replacing yesteryear's cumbersome paper roll & book systems.

Stinson's Midi system facilitates access to an extensive library of Midi sequenced American and European tunes that are coded/registered for Stinson's complete line of magnificent mechanical band organs, to include tradition carousel 46 note scale, and orchestral (concert) 75 note scale, musical instrumentation. Applications range from amusement and theme parks, attractions, carnival midways and fairground, circuses, zoos, casinos, resorts, and a growing party rental market. Midi technology is rapidly contributing to the rebirth of dependable and unparalleled mechanical band organs designed to meet operational challenges faced by commercial operations today. Costs are no longer associated with outdated paper roll music, antiquated bellows, expensive maintenance, and necessity for operators to tinker daily to maintain yesteryear's prized band organs.

Stinson's new line of magnificent mechanical band organs incorporates quiet brushless motors, dependable long life valves, modern air and vacuum systems, and a system-monitoring center to diagnose optimum performance. Not to be overlooked, when operating a magnificent orchestral band organ, is revenue generating opportunities such as selling music CDs, cassette tapes, and taking photos. No longer is it considered that a magnificent mechanical band organ is a non-revenue generating investment, and a cost intensive free act.

Presently, Stinson offers many highly crafted styles of mechanical band organs, with ornate custom designed facades, to fit the needs of every imaginable requirement ranging from the smallest to the largest applications that might benefit from the presence of a Stinson Band Organ capable of mesmerizing your guests & listeners.

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