March 6, 2001 Bellefontaine, Ohio

Stinson Band Organ Company Awarded
"Best of Show" at IISF Extravaganza

Stinson's "Mighty" 2000M" MIDI Operated
Band Organ the Best of the Best!

Gibtown IISA Best of Show 2001
Astro Amusement's "Mighty Stinson 2000M"

Bellefontaine Ohio - March 6, 2001. The Stinson Band Organ Company showed their new state of the art "Mighty" Style 2000M Orchestral Mechanical Band Organ during the recent International Independent Showman's Extravaganza and Trade Show in Gibsonton Florida, and came home with the prestigious "Best of Show" award. Also exhibited were Stinson's Style 29M-2 orchestral carousel band organ along with two carousel sound systems one of which was custom designed in memory of the late Jimmy Floyd for Cumberland Valley Shows from Lebanon TN. The complete line of Stinson carousel and orchestral concert band organs has been fitted with state of the art MIDI digital interfaced operating systems. MIDI operating systems replace cumbersome paper roll music while diluting the need for an operator. Music tempo is fixed within Midi signals eliminating opportunities to tamper with adjustments such as can be done with paper roll frames. Digital signals operate vacuum systems that in turn operates live musical instruments. Obsolete problematical bellows have been replaced with quit brushless motor air and vacuum systems.

Stinson's current day accomplishments reflect directly upon dissolving necessity for operators to baby-sit and tinker with mechanical band organs of the past to ensure these magnificent mechanical music instruments would continue to play tunes optimally. Stinson is capable of updating most any mechanical band organ that uses a paper roll music system. Updating will effectively dilute ongoing costly maintenance expense, while not adversely affecting an antique mechanical band organ's resale value. Additional advantages that surround Stinson's efficient MIDI music control system is the immediate availability of nearly 2,000+ tunes for Stinson orchestral band organs designed to play 75 and higher note scales (voiced for American and European music), and 500+ tunes for Stinson's ornate 46 note scale carousel band organs. Stinson's magnificent mechanical band organs are custom designed for carousel, park, fairground, circus, zoo and resort applications, as well as for those who simply desire have fun at home.

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