March 11, 2002 Bellefontaine, Ohio

The Big E Commissions "Mighty 2000M"
Stinson Fairground Band Organ

"Mighty 2000M" Stinson Fairground Band Organ
"The Big E" - Springfield Massachusetts

Eastern States Exposition, home of The Big E, West Springfield Massachusetts, recently concluded negotiations with the Stinson Band Organ Company of Bellefontaine, Ohio, builders of magnificent mechanical band organs since 1965, to custom design and build a "Mighty 2000M" fairground band organ that will be a featured main gate attraction. Exposition President, Wayne McCary, expressed confidence "that Stinson will build a unique band organ that will become part of the tradition of Eastern States Exposition for years to come." Eastern States' "Mighty 2000M" band organ will be housed within a custom designed show trailer that is a stage, and band shell. This mobile ability facilitates traveling to events throughout New England and New York for marketing and promotion during the off-season.

For the past two years, The Big E booked a Stinson "Mighty 187" band organ proudly owned by Larry Kern, a retired fire chief from El Paso, Texas. Mr. Kerns's magnificent Stinson band organ allowed President McCary the opportunity to greatly enhance his knowledge regarding inner workings and capabilities of expertly designed mechanical band organs. The Big E's new "Mighty 2000M" will feature custom instrumentation designed by band organ architect Donald Stinson in collaboration with President McCary to satisfy specific musical presentation parameters. The "Mighty 2000M" includes Stinson's state of the art MIDI operating system, and system monitoring panel that facilitates diagnostics for optimum performance. This year, guests visiting The Big E will enjoy magical nostalgic musical performances by two magnificent objects d'art band organs since Larry Kern's "Mighty 187M" will be playing at the Exposition again this year.

The Stinson Band Organ Company is a recognized designer of some of the finest mechanical musical instruments produced in the world today, to include the most elaborate fine quality mechanical band organs produced in North America during this era. An abundance of music is available to play non-repetitively allowing guests being entertained to enjoy between 25 and 50 beautifully arranged tunes before repeating. Changing music to another set of tunes takes less than 15 seconds. For 35 years, magnificent Stinson Band Organs have been playing at amusement parks, carnivals, carousels, circuses, fairgrounds, festivals, fund raisers, skating rinks, zoos, within private collections, and as party rentals. A few exciting Stinson Band Organs can be visited at the First World Hotel & Resorts in Pahang Malaysia, Viashi Flower Park in Fukuoka Japan, Formosan Aboriginal Village in Fung-Yen-City Taiwan, Fuentes Gasca Circus in Mexico City, High Rock Park Carousel in Staten Island NY, Camp Snoopy in Bloomington MN, Astro Amusements in Chicago IL, and McNair Amusements in Atlanta GA to name but a few.

The Big E, the nations's eighth largest fair, takes place Sept. 13 - 29, 2002 featuring The Big E Super Circus, The Avenue of States, Storrowton Village Museum, a daily parade, agricultural contests, crafts, amusement rides, shopping and foods from around the world, and top name entertainment.

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