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Stinson's Largest "Mighty 3000M Broadway" Orchestral Band Organ
Payang Malaysia
PRESS RELEASE - October 1, 2001 For Immediate Release 9 a.m. EST

Mega Stinson Band Organ ships to Largest Hotel in the World

The Stinson Band Organ Company of Bellefontaine Ohio, builders of magnificent mechanical band organs since 1965, recently completed the largest orchestral band organ ever designed by the company in its 35 years history. This accomplishment is said to be the largest mechanical band organ facade presentation have been produced in North America. The "Mighty 3000M", which features Stinson's new state of the art Midi operating system will entertain guests within the Largest Hotel in the World, the First World Hotel and Resorts complex claiming 6,300 rooms which is located in Payang Malaysia.

The band organ's stage setting within the hotel is a Las Vegas Style complex billed as "Times Square". Stinson's "Mighty 3000M" is appropriately custom themed to "Broadway". The "Mighty 3000M" debuts Stinson's new Systems Monitoring Panel, the first of its kind ever introduced into a mechanical band organ to allow for monitoring of operating systems to ensure optimum performance. Stinson's 21st century band organs eliminate the need for cumbersome paper roll systems (which remain to be optional), and mechanical qualified operators to babysit the workings of mechanical band organs of the past.

Stinson is recognized to design and build some of the finest mechanical musical instruments produced in the world today, claiming the most elaborate fine quality mechanical band organs produced within North America during this era. An abundance of music is available to play non-repetitively allowing those being entertained to enjoy 25 to 50 beautifully arranged tunes before they repeat. Changing music to another set of tunes takes less than 15 seconds and can be accomplished by most anybody. Stinson band organs are custom built for amusement and theme parks, attraction and resorts, carousels fairgrounds, circuses, zoos, shopping mall, and a variety of numerous other applications. Those interested in contacting Stinson are invited to call 1-941-358-8835, Fax 1-(941)-355-0120 E-mail or visit the Internet Web Site

"Stinson's "Mighty 3000M Broadway" within a stage setting.

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