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Stinson Band Organ Company Brings
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Stinsonís MIDI Controlled Music System
Replaces Antiquated Paper Roll Music

Bellefontaine OH - February 21, 2001

The Stinson Band Organ Company recently released new life into yesteryearís magnificent mechanical band organ designs with the implementation of Stinsonís MIDI Controlled Music System. Stinsonís MIDI Control System actuates live instruments within mechanical band organs replacing antiquated and obsolete paper roll music systems. The new Stinson MIDI Control System facilitates access to an extensive library (growing daily) of American and European tunes that are sequenced specifically for Stinsonís complete line of majestic carousel, circus music, and orchestral concert, band organs. MIDI control innovation is contributing to the rebirth of dependable and unparalleled mechanical band organ music designed to meet operational challenges faced by amusement park, carnival, fairground, and festival operations, without costs previously associated with paper roll music, expensive ongoing maintenance, and the necessity for operators to tinker daily to maintain yesteryearís prized band organs. Stinsonís new line of magnificent mechanical band organs incorporate quiet brushless motors, dependable long life valves, modern air systems to replace antiquated problematical bellows, and a diagnostic evaluation center to monitor proper operation.

Not to be overlooked when operating a classic orchestral concert band organ is revenue generating opportunities such as music CDs, cassette tapes, and photos. No longer should a magnificent band organ be considered a costly non-revenue generating capital expense.

Stinson presently offers15 highly crafted styles along with ornate custom configurations to fit the needs of every imaginable application ranging from carousels and circuses, to midways, and fairground main gates that might demand the presence of Stinsonís ultimate Mighty and Magnificent Style 2000M Orchestral Concert Band Organ that is capable of totally mesmerizing listeners.

21st Century Stinson MIDI Controlled Band Organs are being shipped at this time.

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