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MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) actuates instruments - (Paper Roll Frame System Optional)
Stinson Style 52M-3 MIDI Circus Band Organ

Style "52M-3" 75-Note Calliola Voice

Unique Circus Band Organ
With a softer, more pleasant sound than a calliope
Specifications for Style "52M-3"
MIDI or Roll MIDI Music System standard.
Paper roll frame optional.
Instrument can be equipped with BOTH.
Voices Large open scale flutes, continuous through the entire scale.
Cabinet & Facade Handcrafted ornate fa´┐Żade with gold filigree. Durable multiple coat 2-part urethane finish. Wood is premium grade to include oak and birch.
Special Features Diagnostic gauges.
Drums and extended pipe scale adapt the Style 52M-3 Circus Band Organ to any music from traditional circus to light music.
Conveniences Hinged rear-access doors.
Options Lights inside drums
22-note glockenspiel
Dimensions 8' wide by 7' high by 3' deep.
Weight Approximately 500 pounds.


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