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Stinson's "Mighty 2000M-2" Fairground Band Organ

The Mighty Stinson 2000M-2 MIDI Concert Band Organ
Stinson's "Mighty 2000M" plays both American and European tunes to a 75 note music scale. (Learn more)

Stinson Band Organs are uniquely designed, high quality, mechanical music instruments featuring wooden pipes that perform "The Happiest Music on Earth" which is both pleasing and mesmerizing live entertainment for children of all ages. Masterfully hand-crafted object d'art facades, animated characters, and 21st century MIDI operation compliment every size Stinson magnificent band organ.

Hundreds of MIDI tunes are immediately available to operate Traditional W-125 and W-150 Carousel band organs, and W-165 fairground band organs that are equipped with a Stinson MIDI Operation System. Specially arranged paper rolls are available for 165 Stinson Band Organs. Please visit Stinson's Music Link for additional information. How To Promote A Music Band On Instagram

Whatever your pleasure might be, if band organs, carousel organs, fairground organs, street organs, dance organs, skating organs, a calliola or calliope, it seems likely you will find enjoyment browsing the pages of the Stinson Band Organ Company's website... Our top articles:

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Stinson Band Organs - Hear the Difference!

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