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Don Stinson's Band Organ Notes
Don Stinson Stinson Band Organ notes are authored by band organ architect and builder Mr. Donald Stinson. Stories includes experiences, past and present, encountered during design and repair of mechanical band organs, along with Don's unique experiences during his early days with the New York Central Railroad.

Index of Band Organ Notes

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July-August 2003 Camping Trip
June 2003 The MIDI System
May 2003 Trips to Aurora, Indiana
April 2003 Gibtown Carnival Trade Show
March 2003 New York Central Roundhouse
January-February 2003 Bellefontaine, Ohio Enginehouse
December 2002 Fire in the Bellefontaine, Ohio Roundhouse
November 2002 The "Big E" New England State Fair
September 2002 Roundhouse Steam Whistle
July-August 2002 The Old Copper Washtub
June 2002 Cedar Point, Ohio Amusement Park
May 2002 Repairs to a Carnival Carousel Band Organ
April 2002 Carnival Trade Show Extravaganza
March 2002 Origination of the Stinson Band Organ Company
October 2001 Organ Tuning Experiences
September 2001 Hot Air Balloon
July-August 2001 Adding MIDI Operation to Mechanical Band Organs
June 2001 Gooding Amusements Adventure
May 2001 A Quick Tune, One-man Loader
April 2001 Remembering Chuck Clymer
March 2001 Gibtown Show, NYC RR Close Call
January-February 2001 Stinson at IAPPA, Gooding Amusement Park
December 2000 IAPPA 2000, Tepetongo Park
November 2000 Mexico City, Digital Carousel Sound System
October 2000 Prop Wash, Expense Accounts
September 2000 Volume Control, Cookies
July-August 2000 Columbus Zoo, Nicknames
June 2000 Mexico, Sweet Loco
May 2000 Showmen, Traveling Shows
April 2000 European Sound, A Higher Order
March 2000 Under Foot, Coming of Age
January-February 2000 Twisted Rolls, The Bunk House
November 1999 Organ Repairs, The Duck Pond
October 1999 Adventures in Mexico; NYC RR Old Baldy
September 1999 NY Central RR, Steam to Diesel
July-August 1999 Band Organ Workhorse; NYC RR Tower Work
June 1999 Mexico City; NYC RR Tower Wasps
May 1999 Measure of Life; NYC RR Grease Monkey
April 1999 Jerry Betts & Friends; NYC RR Lunch
March 1999 Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake, Cultural Village
January-February 1999 Band Organ Repair; Workin' on the Railroad
December 1998 Early Organ Days; NY Central Camaraderie
November 1998 Pump Organs, Player Pianos; Factory Maintenance
October 1998 NY Central RR 1955; Band Organ Origins
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